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Tracey Dorney

Tracey Dorney

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Tracey has over 24 years of experience in the customer service industry. She has spent the last 2 years traveling for her full time job on the East coast. Tracey retired from her management position to be home with her family and has switched from part time real estate agent to full time. She is currently as active member of the capital board of realtors. Her beliefs are to always listen to the customer and try to exceed their expectations. Communication is the most important part to any relationship. She is not afraid of challenges and always strives to meet customer exceptions. Tracey has lived in NH for over 30 years mainly in the southern and central part of the state. Along with her husband Chris, 2 step sons Tyler and Ben and a foster parent to a 16 year old. Tracey’s matura is to work hard and play harder. In her spare time she enjoys golf, snow and water skiing, hiking, gym, yoga, and is an adrenal junkie for amusement parks. Tracey has volunteered time  towards amazing events to help fund raise for CHAD, Easter Seals, MS races as well as the food pantry.